Monday, July 28, 2008

Cards on the Web

Cards that our very own Cindy designed have been posted on the website of one of our suppliers.
Whenever Cindy teaches the Quilted Cards class, she designs some new pieces. The technique comes from a traditional Japanese Doll making technique but substitutes Kimono fabrics with Washi (Japanese paper). Hanko Designs is our supplier for kits and beautiful Washi. One day, at the encouragement of our sales rep, Cindy sent some photos to Hanko Designs. A few days later they asked if it was OK to put them on their web site, with acknowledgement that they were from The Mercantile. Cindy said yes. Jump forward several weeks and they are now on their site (along with dozens of other beautiful samples)! Click the link above, then click on the retail web site. Once there, click on the card samples link near the top of the page. Cindy's samples are #12.
We carry the Washi Paper Quilting Kits here at The Mercantile, as well as a selection of Washi and card stock to mount them on.

Monday, July 7, 2008

We're Back

We enjoyed our week off, although we did come in and have a work day to re-set some of the stock. If you cannot find where those flower stamps went... we'll have to help you look, we have moved every single rubber stamp in the store (still in the stamp area, but in different positions...).
We also re-arranged the candle area a little bit.
But most of all, we feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the summer with all of our friends and customers.
Pictured to the left is the game of Farkel. This is the original pocket version that can go along with you on your vacation trips (however long or short they may be). It comes in a film cannister sized container. The game is good for ages 5 and up. We have this and some travel toys/games from Melissa and Doug to help those travel times go faster. Just promise you won't play if you are taking your turn at driving.
Come enjoy a day in Pendleton. And for those of you who like to come visit and have lunch at The Pendleton Cafe and Coffees, they are now open on Saturdays in the summer. We also have the new restaurant 1826 on the Green in Farmer's Hall.