Sunday, April 20, 2008

some cards

These are a few samples of some of the greeting card classes. These happen to be from the 'Morphing' class taught by Terri. I know you cannot really see all of what the cards look like, but you can get an idea.
The Morphing class is a technique class that utilizes images to create something different. A leaf may be a small hill or it may be a bird. Coffee beans morph into flowers and bugs, pinecones become hedgehogs.... While learning the technique, students create 6 cards. Every time Terri teaches the class, she comes up with new ideas.
All of our class prices include supplies. In the Stamp of the Month class, students are required to have the featured stamp of the month. Otherwise, all stamps, inks, papers, embellishments and use of our tools are part of the class.

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