Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy's Pick

Happy our crafty crab has found some things in the store she'd like to share with you. Periodically we will feature a new 'Happy's Pick'.
Our premier pick is WebWilds (TM) by Folkmanis. Following is a press release telling a little about these beautiful and educational puppets.
FOLKMANIS - the most innovative, creative puppet maker in the world - has joined forces with the educational non-profit, GLOBIO (r) - Where Kids Discover the World (TM) - to create WebWilds (TM) - hands-on fun with minds-on learning in a wild web world. WebWilds are the first-ever puppets with their own online habitats created around real-life environments. WebWilds provides infinite hours of open-ended play when kids log on to . The WebWilds line launches with six wildlife puppets: Panda, Baby Orangutan, African Elephant, Small Lion, Koala, and Rock Hopper Penguin. Retailing for $21.50, each WebWilds comes with a "secret code" that gives kids unlimited access to a fun, educational, online real-world environment. WebWilds is dedicated to educating, encouraging and inspiring kids to take an active role in protecting wildlife diversity and preserving habitats. A portion of the proceeds will support GLOBIO's creation of additional free web content to help kids learn about animals and the environment.
At the moment we have received all six of the WebWilds puppets mentioned in the article. If you find that some of them have been adopted before you get here, we will be happy to add them to our next order and give you a call when they arrive.

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