Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Our Birthday!

Today is the 20th birthday of the Mercantile.

We did not have a ribbon-cutting 20 years ago, so we decided to have one today. Pendleton Mayor Carol Burdette (a former employee) spoke briefly and did the honors of cutting the ribbon. We also had lots of goodies to eat and a Birthday Card Make & Take.

Thank you to all who joined us so far today, friends, family and strangers as well!

Thank you to all of our friends and customers who have supported us these last 20 years, we look forward to many more.


Esteemarlu said...

Looks like a really neat store and I wish I could visit. Do you guys have a catalog for ordering on line? Happy Birthday!

Regina said...

OOh - looks yummy! Any chance of there being leftover cake??!!????

The Mercantile Gang said...

esteemarlu - We don't have a catalog, sorry. What type of items are you interested in? We can always work via email and I can always send photos too.
regina - Only 3 or so pieces left of the chocolate chocolate chunk cake, it was a hit, as usual. I don't even know if there are that many remaining now...

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dixiebelle said...

All of you at the Mercantile have been such an important part of Pendleton for the past 20 years and I appreciate all you do for our town. I have such fond memories of all of you and your wonderful shop. It is very hard to believe that it has been 20 years.

You all are the greatest!
Nancy Hellams