Sunday, January 24, 2010

Connie is doing well

This is to let you know that Connie (Mom) was diagnosed with a metastasis of her breast cancer on the Monday after Christmas. After a number of tests, it was determined that it is the same cancer she had 10 years ago, but it has appeared in the form of nodules under the surface of her skin.
She has started a regimen of chemo. Her treatments are on Friday mornings and there are 3 in a row, then a week off, then another 3. Between each set of 3 the oncologist (Dr. D!) will evaluate to see if the chemo is doing what it is designed to do.
Terri has been the designated escort to the majority of Mom's medical appointments. The two of them have Dr. D on tape saying that this chemo would be easier on her than the one she had 10 years ago.
This photo was taken of Mom the day before her second chemo treatment. Terri has a photo of her in the infusion room, and again that evening at a concert at church. But, I am a little unsure of how to copy photos from the web to the blog, so I'll just ask her to email them to me to post.
Yes, I did say that Mom was at a concert at church the evening after chemo! She actually went into work for a couple of hours after chemo, then home to rest a bit, then after dinner, she went with Terri to Bryan Murdaugh's concert at St. Andrew's. (Bryan is a good friend of Connie's granddaughter Karen.)
On Saturday, she came down to work for about an hour to see a few of her favorite customers for a bit, took some paperwork home, rested and was able to go out to our favorite pizza place (NY Pizza in Anderson) for dinner. On Sunday... she was able to go to church in the morning! Dr. D. was right! YAY!!!!!!

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Inkerbelle said...

I will keep Connie and all of you in my thoughts as she continues her chemo. Her positive attitude, active lifestyle and her family's support surely play a role in her well being. Hope she will recover quickly and completely! Isabelle (Mung)