Sunday, October 3, 2010

Post #101! - Wire & Bead Cuff

Yesterday afternoon I taught A Wire & Bead Cuff Bracelet class... 
I am amazed at how different everyone's looked - our students do GREAT work!

2 narrow cuffs and 1 wide cuff...

Cissy brought a color coordinated collection of beads from home...

Lisa mixed stones with "Chinarovski" crystals (and planned on 'tweaking' it more after she got home...)

Mine has all but about 15 "Chinarovski" 4 mm round crystals from a 16" strand
All 3 gals seemed VERY pleased with the results... Marsha wouldn't let me photograph hers because it was still a work in progress, but she bought the one I made!  (Guess I'll just have to make another sample!)

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