Sunday, May 13, 2012

When Life Gives You Limes - Make Pie

The title of the post is a quote from my nephew Ben.  I like it!

As some of you already know, Terri is having surgery tomorrow morning at 11.

The store will remain open.

Please check her note on our web site www.The  She explains why she is having surgery & what you can do to help out.

I will be posting updates here as I can.  But, if there isn't anything up here yet, call the store for details. 

Her surgery is scheduled to last nearly 3 hours.  And that being said, I do not know yet what time we will know anything.  Her husband Rodney will be at the hospital & will let us know as soon as he can, but his first priority is Terri.

Thank you all for being such wonderful people, friends & family.  Your support has been wonderful.


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