Saturday, June 9, 2012

Terri stopped in...

Terri stopped in the store for a few hours on Wednesday.  She sat and talked with customers and went back home.
Today, she has been here at work a few hours, looking through paperwork & catalogs.
Her progress is wonderful, but she is still pacing herself.
Thank you to all who have donated time, food and support to us all during this surprise event.
The customers/friends who have helped out at the store have made life so much easier for Dad & I.
The food has all been much appreciated (and yummy as well)!
Most of all, the prayers & support of our family, friends & friends who are like family has been what has helped us to retain our strength.

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Inkerbelle said...

So glad to hear of Terri's progress. She is a fighter, like your mom was, too!!
Best wishes for her continuing recovery and to all of you! isabelle